Dog Days Top Picks For Your Pup

Everyone has heard that familiar quote: “a dog is man’s best friend.” I firmly believe that this is true. Pets of all kinds are so special, but there is just something about dogs that really makes that bond between animal and human run deep. Maybe it’s that sweet face or that endlessly wagging tail; maybe it’s the fierce loyalty or the constant companionship. Whatever it is that bonds a man/woman and a dog, it’s a strong bond that lasts forever.

We have three dogs in our house: a lab, a pitbull and a golden retriever. Sometimes it can be quite a handful to have three BIG dogs, but we wouldn’t trade them for anything, even if it meant having a cleaner house! I can count on them to be waiting with wagging tails every single time I come home. They give their best to us, so in turn we want to give the best to them.

Our pups: Cashmere, Radar and Diesel

Below are a few of our favorite dog products, tested and approved by our beloved babies.

Dingo Rawhide Chews – $5.58

These chews are our favorite go-to treats. They have real meat in the center and are then wrapped in rawhide. They come in various sizes, so they are perfect for any size dog. We (obviously) have to get the large ones. They also come in beef flavor or chicken flavor. Not only are these great for their teeth as they chew, they also give us a few moments of quiet.

Kong Toys – $10.39

We have probably tried over a hundred toys for our dogs, but most don’t even make it through one night. Diesel, our pitbull, is a big chewer and can tear most toys to pieces in a few minutes. I had heard that Kong toys were long lasting, so I finally gave in and purchased one. Boy, am I glad that I did! They are definitely worth the pricier tag because they actually last. We have several that have lasted months… and are still around to boast (like this one). If you have a dog that is a chewer, try these. They have several sizes and even ones that you can stuff with treats to keep them entertained for awhile.

Isle of Dogs Shampoo – $11.99

I used to think that dog shampoo wasn’t really important and I would just use whatever I had at home or buy whatever was cheapest at the store. I was given an Isle of Dogs shampoo by a friend once and I haven’t stopped using it since. Not only does it clean thoroughly, it smells wonderful and leaves their coats moisturized and silky smooth. The dogs still don’t really enjoy their baths, but we sure do.

Rubber Brush – $3.45

We have a rubber brush that is made to get rid of the dead, loose dog hair without actually pulling or hurting. Brushing our pups is absolutely mandatory for us. Our lab and golden retriever both shed so much that we could probably make clothing out of their hair. Not that we would, but y’all get what I’m saying. We try to brush them a few times a week and I’m always amazed at how much hair comes off of them. The more hair on the brush, the less hair on my floor… and that makes me happy. I’ve been wanting to try the FURminator. Have any of y’all ever tried it? It’s a little pricey, but apparently amazing.

Tip: Be sure to check out the Petco Coupons page if you purchase any of the above!

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