Done 5 Tips For Surviving School Mornings

With the new school year quickly approaching, it’s time to get kids back in the routine of waking up early and getting ready for school. For many parents, the thought of dealing with cranky kids on an early morning time crunch instantly conjures up stress and anxiety.

But take a deep breath! Follow these 5 easy tips, and you’ll have your kids out of bed and off to school with a smile on both of your faces!

Skip the Snooze Button

A good morning starts with a good attitude. Use the extra 10-15 minutes that you would’ve spent sleeping to make some “you time” before the kids roll out of bed. Use this time to indulge in a delicious cup of coffee or catch up on your favorite social network and you’ll feel a little more relaxed before the morning routine is in full swing. And with any luck, your happier a.m. attitude will rub off on the kids!

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Get Kids to Use (and Like!) an Alarm Clock

You can’t blame kids for wanting to sneak in a few more ZZZs, but repeated trips to their bedroom to wake them up wastes time and builds stress. Try putting kids in charge of getting themselves out of bed with a fun alarm clock that they won’t mind waking up to.

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The Wash and Rinse Relay

Now that you’ve got them out of bed, the name of the game is to stay on schedule. Before they bombard the bathroom to bathe and brush, having a simple bathroom caddy handy will help keep them organized and on track. Fill the caddy’s compartments with their grooming supplies and throw in a kitchen timer or mini countertop clock to keep them on time. Bonus: The caddy will also help reduce bathroom clutter!

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Fly Through Food and Fashion

The more that gets done at night, the less there will be to do in the morning. The night before each school day, have your kids select their outfits for the following day. This will keep them from digging through their drawers for matching socks or throwing on mismatched outfits at the last minute. Breakfast and lunch can also be pre-prepped the day before, too, and kept in portable, kid-friendly food containers for easy eating on the go.

Milk and cereal on the go is made easy with this leakproof BPA-free storage container, which also comes with an attachable spoon. Klip-It Breakfast-to-Go, $6.99 at The Container Store

Grab and Go

Keep a designated area (ideally near the front door) for homework, lunchboxes, backpacks, keys, and other school essentials to beat last minute scrambles searching for misplaced belongings. You may also want to stash an extra umbrella here, too, in the event you’re greeted with an early morning rain shower. This area is also a great place to post notes reminding kids of any important daily activities they’ll need to remember (like soccer practice or early school dismissals).

Find keys, backpacks, and more in a flash with this organizer, which includes a washable chalkboard, calendar, storage compartments, nameplates, and hooks. Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard, $49 at Urban Outfitters

What are your tips for minimizing the morning mayhem?

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