Have A Stay At Home Date Night And Save Some Money Too

Before (and even after) you get married, people are always generous with giving their advice on maintaining a happy marriage. One thing that my husband and I heard over and over again was to “continue to date once you get married.” We have tried to incorporate this into our marriage, mostly by going out to dinner or to a movie once a week.

Let’s be real, though – dating gets expensive! One of our goals for this year has been to work on cheaper ways to date each other from the comfort of our home. Not only are we saving money, we are having fun thinking of creative ways to spend time together!

Here’s a few ideas for date nights at home that are unique and fun but won’t break the bank:

Have a Picnic – $25.99

A picnic is super easy to do at home – spread a blanket out in the backyard, on the bed, in front of the fireplace, or right on the floor! Fill a picnic basket with both of your favorite foods – or even do dessert only! There are even picnic baskets with sports teams logos for the guys! Plus, once you buy the basket, it’s basically a free date night – just grab a few things from the pantry and go!

Look for Bed Bath and Beyond coupons to help!

Play Card Games – $3.99

Playing cards together is super inexpensive and guaranteed to create a fun, competitive environment with a few laughs! Take turns playing each other’s favorite games. We love to play War, UNO, and Old Maid. (Yeah, Old Maid is my choice.) : ) Invite a few couple friends over to play along…the more the merrier, right?

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Dance! – $8.89

Not only can dancing be considered exercise, it’s also fun! Music is frequently tied into some of our most important memories! Light up the fireplace (or a few candles) and turn up the tunes, then go ahead and let loose! Whether it’s slow dancing, line dances or just silly dancing, it’s a guaranteed good time! There are even video games that involve dancing!

George Strait is one of our all time favorite musicians to dance to!

“Camp Out” and Make Smores – $13.95

For something a little more romantic, think chocolate! Smores have always been one of my favorite things, and these days they aren’t reserved for camping! Use pillows and blankets to build a little “fort” together, then snuggle up and enjoy feeding each other some Smores! Use a fireplace (if you have one) to really set the mood! Just be careful and practice good fire safety.

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So there are a few of my ideas for a fun, romantic, “cheap” date night at home. We have the Smores date scheduled for this coming week and let’s just say…I can’t wait!

Get those creative juices flowing and plan something sweet for your significant other. These date night ideas are also perfect for Valentine’s Day, especially if y’all are aiming to save a little money

Do y’all have any great stay-at-home date night ideas?

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