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Yesterday I took some time to go shopping and I couldn’t believe that fall time fashion has already arrived and is officially in the shops! I always feel so odd during the middle of summer time surrounded by fall fashion, especially when it is 100 degrees outside, but I have to admit I’m excited for fall time to arrive! With all of the beige colors and maxi skirts, I actually bought a few items myself. Check it out:

Here in Utah there’s a store called Buckle that is a hot commodity. They carry a number of great brands, from Miss Me jeans to BKE tops and denim, and Daytrip clothing too. I have to admit, I love this store. They have amazing basics but still manage to offer great stylish tees and even cowgirl boots that create chic outfits that I adore! The three tees above that you see above are actually all from They were having a sale so I took full advantage!

Here are some items of clothing that are trending in Utah (and beyond!) for this upcoming fall fashion and if you are a casual girl who likes to feel comfy and collected every day you’ll definitely love these articles of clothing.

Miss Me jeans are amazing for many reasons. Even though the model wearing the jeans in the picture to the left looks super tall and skinny, take it from me that these jeans always work for shorter gals who have thicker legs as well. I am 5’5″ and I also have very athletic legs. Translation: it’s really really hard for me to find a pair of jeans that actually fit. Miss Me jeans make jeans with wide legs and they feel super comfy and look chic too! They also have fun patterns on the back pockets with pretty embellishments which make these jeans even more appealing. I will be wearing these jeans throughout the fall and winter time. They are versatile and perfect because they go with many tee shirts, sweaters, and more!

BKE offers a ton of fun button down shirts for guys and stylish tee-shirts for women. If you’re into the shirts that are sheer but have fun patterns BKE offers all of the basics. A gathered foil accent shirt, for example, will look great paired with your Miss Me jeans and will also keep the outfit looking casual yet chic.

If you want your guy to be stylish like you, I would encourage you to check out the BKE guy’s shirts. For example, the BKE Vintage Bolster shirt is a good place to start for your guy. Their shirts go fantastic with a pair of jeans and will make him look very handsome too! In particular the Vintage Bolster Shirt comes with fun details such as a pearl snap, plaid design, has epaulet details and embroidered patches. It’s such a fun shirt that’s perfect to wear during the fall and winter time!

Now let me tell you all about Daytrip. This fabulous brand offers a ton of accessories, from belts to tee-shirts. What I love about Daytrip is that they effortlessly incorporate pretty details such as lace and sequins. A shirt that I’m currently wanting is the Raglan Lace top. I love the gray color (basic and beautiful), and the lace sleeves add something unique to the top too (the lace makes the tee versatile and works well as a top that will also go under dresses and more).

Some other accessories from Daytrip that I have my eyes on? The Zipper Back Sweatshirt is perfectly pink and would look super comfy for the fall time, the Lace Belt would look adorable to wear with a baggy tee, and the Glitter Graphic Tank Top has lace, turquoise, and basically everything I look for in a top! Let’s not forget about their amazing Vintage Mineral line and other fun accessories, such as these glitzy rhinestone trim earrings and Corral Embroidered Cowgirl Boot (see the picture below and sigh like me).

Clothing from Buckle is also very affordable, especially if you hit their sale’s rack! I scored several tees yesterday that were all on sale, and if you hop on the Buckle website they always have sales going on too. Plus, don’t forget about the coupons that are available on the website! Do keep in mind though that the tees are mostly made for juniors, so my mom and I have to buy them in size large and extra large to get the right fit. You don’t want to be stuck with a shirt that’s too small!

So as you begin looking for fall time fashion, keep Buckle in mind. They have a variety of tee-shirts, jeans, jewelry, and even cowgirl boots to choose from! I love going to Buckle and the website also has amazing apparel to choose from as well. Have fun planning ahead for your fall time fashion, but don’t let the summer fashion pass you by in the process!

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